We are sharing playback-able tactile data with TECHTILE toolkit in flickr. TECHTILE toolkit can convert the sound track into tactile feeling.


Sharing your tactile experience with us. Take a picture of the moment when you feel "touch related" things and send it to flickr[at]
Pictures shown above is the one with the hashtag "techtile" in all flickr pictures. Want to share TECHTILE experience? Please upload your photos on flickr with "techtile" hashtag. You can just send your pics to our flickr account: flickr[at]
TECHTILE interview

Interviews with people in various fields (dance, art, design, and basic research) who talk about the future of TECHTILE.
01|YOKO ANDO|Dancer
One of representative dancers belonging to The Forsythe Company talks about the close relationship between dance and tactile feeling (interviewed with Japanese).