updated: 2011.08.27

2011/8/21 Symposium “TECHTILE: A perspective for TECHnology based tacTILE design”

“TECHTILE”,a compound term by combining “TECHnology” with “tacTILE” perception/expression, has been a key topic of the study. The TECHTILE committee have been hosted exhibitions on haptic technology in Japan since 2007. Latest development in haptic technology makes it possible to replay, represent, or even modulate tactile perception for achieving rich tactile experience. Similarly, a number of artists and designers have been sporadically presenting new haptic artworks in their fields, in order to find new artistic expressions. “YCAM InterLab Camp vol. 2″, is organized to promote a developing community that allows participants to “feel” the basic study results in the field of TECHTILE, and to establish the future tactile expression. Four panelists, including contemporary sculptor and dancer, researchers in engineering and human sciences, will introduce their works in a public symposium, while a related exhibition at the same venue offers further insights into possible TECHTILE future. The event is an opportunity for constructive dialogue on the future prospects and technologies in the“ TECHTILE” area.

Symposium “TECHTILE: A perspective for TECHnology based tacTILE design”
(“YCAM InterLab Camp vol.2 -TECHTILE”)
August 21 (Sun), 2011 14:00-18:00
Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM], Studio
Admission free
*Target group: High school students and above
*Japanese only
*Mini TECHTILE exhibition open 13:00-19:30
Kohei Nawa (Sculptor)
Yoko Ando (Dancer)
Junji Watanabe (Scientist)
Akihito Sano (Researcher in Robotics and Haptics)
Akihito Sano (Researcher in Robotics and Haptics)
YCAM InterLab Camp vol. 2 / Directors
[Masashi Nakatani, Yasuaki Kakehi, Kouta Minamizawa,
NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa), YCAM InterLab]
14:00-14:45 Part 1: “What is TECHTILE?”
14:45-15:45 Part 2: “Technology Session”
Panelists: Junji Watanabe, Akihito Sano
16:00-17:00 Part 3: “Art Session”
Panelists: Kohei Nawa, Yoko Ando
17:00-18:00 Part 4: Discussion
“Artistic tactile expression, Tactile artistic expression”