TECHnology based tacTILE design

There has been many haptic devices proposed so far, but most of them are still in emerging stage. To attract the interest of potential users of haptics such as designers, educators, and students, it is necessary to provide easy-to-make and easy-to-use haptic device. We then developed an introductory haptic device called "TECHTILE toolkit". Current prototype is composed of haptic recorder (a microphone), haptic display (small vibrators), and signal amplifier that is optimized to present not only zone of audibility (20-20000Hz) but also low frequency (1-20Hz) vibration. This toolkit is intuitive to use and can be developed with low cost. We are currently holding a number of workshops to comfirm that this device is suitable as an educational tool for learning possible applications of haptics design.

TECHTILE toolkit: Haptic design environment for sharing haptic experience Half-day Workshop